Smurfs Live on Stage

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Feeling the blues? We attended Smurfs Live on Stage musical recently.
Let Papa Smurf and gang cheer you up with a song and dance.

These happy folks always bring happiness to their habitat.
*Chorus la la la la la *Chorus

We saw our lovely Smurfs characters taking turns to appear on stage.
Brainy, Vanity, Grouchy (I hate), Clumsy, Hefty, Harmony, Smurfette and of course Papa Smurf.
Smurfs are Daddy’s childhood toys too, who is your favourite character?

Alas, good times do not last long.
With Gargamel (evil wizard) and sidekick cat (Azrael) around, you can always expect some mischiefs.

They got a crazy concoction to stop Spring forever, starting with the kidnap of Mother Nature!
Sunshine gave way to blizzards. As the temperature drops, birds faded away, flowers withered.

Through teamwork, everyone chip in to help save the day.
I hope our kids will embody the Smurf spirit too, helping each other to overcome all obstacles.

Thank you Vizpro and RWS for the fun invite.
Our kids had a fun morning enjoying Smurfs Live on Stage musical.

Video : Smurfs musical

Smurfs Live on Stage is brought to you by MediaCorp Vizpro together with Resorts World Setosa (RWS).

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