Just a few more centimetres…

Our kids attend swimming lesson every Sun, and one of the perks is their free play after their classes.

In case you are new to Sengkang, these colourful slides are awesome, and attract both kids and adults.

There is just a small problem, someone fall short of fun by a few cm πŸ™

Daddy know it sucks when you can see your bros playing, and you just wait at the end, clapping and cheering … Daddy is eagerly waiting for the day when Kang can finally slide down Sengkang’s slides !

Kang, eat more vegetables and exercise more, ok?
(Hint, he inherited Mummy’s genes)

Singapore is always too safe, we have done some crazy slides in Penang, check it out πŸ™‚

When it rains at the Singapore Zoo

Most of us have been to the zoo before, but Daddy had another take last week.
He has volunteered his photography services to accompany two Primary 1 classes.

What he did not expect is RAIN would accompany us for half of the journey.
Look at the colourful umbrellas and raincoats, believe Daddy when he say morale was high among the kids. Afterall, not many parents would be keen to bring their kids sight seeing on a wet rainy day.

Daddy did not notice the exhibits come with braille for the visually handicap.

Rain or Shine, the children stayed inquisitive and curious.

Cute Ah-Meng Raincoats on sale

We took shelter under the Rainforest canopy, and we learn new things about our fragile ecosystem.

Yeah, the sun finally pops up to warm us up. Kudos to the kids, most of them were sported with wet hair, but Daddy did not hear anybody complains !

Some other animal exhibits. The beasts must be wondering which school send their children in the rain to visit the animals :p

The eerie naked mole rat arouses kids’ eeeks and yucks haha. We can even peep at the rats through custom build periscope !

Daddy is really grateful to accompany the kids on their adventures today. Initially, they were curious about that tall Uncle who keep taking photos under his umbrella. But after they warm up to Uncle Andy, everyone were so obliging for their Kodak moments πŸ™‚

As this is a learning excursion, kids have to complete their homework and talk about their outdoor class today. Daddy is not expecting anyone to say “No”, unless he or she wants to skip assignment :p

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