Kidzania Singapore partners

Since Kidzania Singapore’s announcement of Kidzania opening in 2015, they introduced another 8 partners last week.

We did mention before that the F&B careers are always the best, as you get to prepare your own meals !

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The 8 new Kidzania Singapore Partners :

1.KFC – Children who visit the KFC Restaurant will play the role of a KFC Crew member, learn the importance of hygiene in the Food & Beverage Industry, prepare a KFC meal and bring it home to enjoy!

2.The Learning Lab – The Learning Lab University will be the gateway for children to acquire distinguished academic credentials. Armed with these prestigious qualifications, they earn extra kidZos at selected establishments.

3.LoomiFunz – Children at the LoomiFunz Painting School will get to unleash their creative flair on the Mural Wall or take home their very own KidZania painting – all created with paint that glows in the dark!

4.Nickelodeon– Visitors to the Nickelodeon Acting Academy and Theatre will get to role-play as their favourite Nickelodeon characters. The aspiring thespians will be able to attend acting classes at the Acting Academy, wear the character outfits and then perform for an audience at the Theatre.

5.PictureAir – Together with Canon, Pictureworks aims to capture the best memories of visitors in KidZania Singapore, with photo printing services for visitors to purchase in the form of photographs, stamps and even key chains.

6.Pizza Hut – Young chefs will get to knead and shape pizza dough, add on their favourite toppings, before sending it to be baked at the Pizza Hut Restaurant. They will also get to pack their pizza into boxes to take home and enjoy with their family!

7.Spritzer – The Spritzer Bottling Plant offers children the chance to play the role of an engineer, learn safety and hygiene matters, how natural mineral water is made, and the ingredients and processes that the water has to go through before it is bottled and dispatched.

8.WTS – At the WTS Travel Counter, visitors can choose to be either a Tour Guide or purchase a ticket to be Tourist for an in-depth city tour of KidZania Singapore. Each tourist is allowed to be accompanied by one adult to go on the tour with them, however the adult will also need to purchase a ticket. This is one of the few activities that parents can participate with their children.

(Image credit Kidzania Singapore)

The earlier batch of partners are : Maybank, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Yakult, Canon, The Soup Spoon, and Killiney ‘Kopitiam’. We can expect up to 30 Kidzania Singapore partners when this themepark opens in 2015.

We are all bursting with excitement for more announcements from Kidzania.

Kidzania is not your usual themeparks, with the slides and rides. Kids get to experience and learn through “adult” careers. Do pop by our FUN Kuala Lumpur Kidzania experience, blog post and photos.

KidZania Singapore

Fancy your kids working as a pilot, paramedic, fireman or police?
Or maybe a sushi chef or mechanic?

KidZania Singapore will be opening in 2015, at Sentosa’s Palawan beach.
Kids will have so many careers to role-play then.

(image credit Kidzania Singapore)

Last week, the first six partners were announced. Maybank, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Yakult, Canon, The Soup Spoon, and Killiney ‘Kopitiam’.

(image credit Kidzania Singapore)

As we have just return from Kuala Lumpur’s KidZania, Daddy can vouch that F&B is a good choice for the kids! Imagine them whipping up their own Kaya, packaging their Yakult bottle or serving up piping hot Ox-tail soup !

At Canon, maybe kids can lay their hands on Canon EOS70, or pick up some wicked bokeh skills 🙂

Video : Our KL Kidzania experience was so much FUN, not only for kids, but for adults too !

To quote from Kidzania Singapore :
Unlike other theme parks, KidZania will not have any rides. Instead, it will combine role-playing with real life experiences in a kid-sized city that emulates the workings of a real city to provide unique ‘edutainment’ fun. KidZania features real-world establishments (bank, university, fire station, radio station) and career choices (pilot, surgeon, fashion designer) to help children develop real life skills. By creating a child-centred community experience, KidZania Singapore is set to educate, empower and inspire 4 to 14 year olds by replicating the real world, scaled to a child’s size, in a safe and self-contained city environment.

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Daddy’s dream list…

– Will Red Star tim-sum consider setting up a kids academy too?
– Singapore Girl with SIA ?
– Samurai burger with McDonald?

We will leave you with our KL Kidzania experience, pop by video above and our Fanpage photos. If we love it, we believe your family will love to “Work” at Kidzania too 🙂

– More announcements will be announced at KidZania Singapore link–>
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