Legoland’s Uncle is still snoring !

This Uncle is still snoring.

Uncle wake up! Legoland Malaysia Hotel will be opening next week.

From his position, he has witnessed WaterPark and Hotel construction brick by brick.
Did you know he could even see us playing with Christmas Tree and Chinese New Year snake? (details here)

Through it all, his snores never ceased and is still so loud.
Will he ever wake up from his slumber?

Minion, Uncle and us, all Yellow !

Our family enjoy the rides, well most of those harmless ones 🙂
Daddy and Boon Xin were the only ones to attempt “The Dragon“. The others chicken out.

What was Daddy thinking? The Real Dragon is easily 50% more thrill compared to the Dragon “Apprentice”.

Daddy needs to prove that he is man enough to face his own fears, as he keeps urging the kids to attempt this and that. (Daddy proved his worth at Forest Adventure before )

.. but “Project X” and bungee jump is still far fetch at this moment.

Meanwhile, Boon Kang transporting some convicts to their cell.

Souvenirs in the Castle’s gift shop. Teenage Ninja Turtles are guest-stars?
Legoland Souvenirs, Legoland magnet, Legoland keychain

Everyone challenged Merlin.

Boon Wee is a fan of Thor.

While Mummy bring the boys to build some Lego cars..

… Daddy brought Boon Xin to Duplo playtown.

After going through the Dragon’s drops and spins, she found Duplo’s train ride boring.
Oh No, Boon Xin is growing up too fast!
Legoland Duplo world

Daddy and girl posing with the Lion.

What else is new at Legoland Themepark?

We can now see the WaterPark in full operation, and did you notice there is a shade covering the Forestmen’s hideout now? The slides will no longer burn our buttocks.

Miniland is still the under explored-world for us. It is too hot, even Star Wars’ Death Star could not persuade us to linger.

Legoland Malaysia is preparing their own Christmas Tree.
Legoland Malaysia Christmas

Thanks to Legoland and Boon Kang Lifesaver’s stint, our family has the next 12 months to enjoy both Dry and Wet parks 🙂

.. we will be hearing Uncle’s Snore again 🙂

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