Port of Lost Wonder BBQ

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We visited Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) twice before, but only blog about the opening experience last April. We love this Pirate boat in Sentosa.

Thanks to Angeline (PrincessDana)’s invite, our family got to enjoy POLW’s “BBQ under the Stars” session. Daddy look at the invitation and got a bit confused.

Is POLW still opened from 6.30Pm to 9.30Pm in the evening?
We did not remember any BBQ stalls in our previous visits.

The $35(Adult) and $30 (Child) BBQ entrance fees includes alacarte selection of main dish like beef rump, sausage platter, Chicken Thigh or maybe burgers for kids.

Parents can enjoy their BBQ dinner in peace, as they watch the kids running around. Occasionally, we shout to the kids “Come and EAT !”

Daddy did not capture too much food photos as we were hungry the sky was turning dark. Do pop by PrincessDana’s blog with more gorgeous BBQ photos 🙂

Besides the BBQ and Water, we can also catch candy floss and movie! No wonder Boon Yee is beaming.

Did anyone mention the cool FOAM party ! And we thought the kids would be tired after a morning session at WWW (foam too)!

Although we did not see any stars, the night scenes are simply mesmerizing, and the water cold. Daddy eventually join the kids on the Pirate Boat, but for some reason, could not catch the energetic kids !

We recently blog about couple Date Nights, and Daddy would recommend POLW for those parents out there who want some candlelight moments, while keeping their sights on the kids. The sea wind helps to enhance the romantic experience 🙂

We would like to Thanks Sentosa, Pirates of Lost Wonder (POLW) and Angeline for the invitation. Our kids had so much Fun at Pirates 🙂

Additional information on POLW and BBQ :
– POLW’s “BBQ under the stars” is only available during June school holiday’s Fri and Sat from 6:30PM to 9:30PM.
POLW website
POLW June Holiday activities
POLW Fanpage
Our trip last April
– More photos on Sengkang Babies Fanpage

Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa

Splashing FUN ! Can Boon Xin tell us where is this new water playground?

Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) is Sentosa’s latest kids playground, located at Palawan beach. The central piece Pirate ship shouts “Captain Sparrow” !

Thanks to the overcast horizon, and occasional thunder we can only wait and reflect on how much FUN we are missing..

If the sun is out, kids will be able to do some plantation or foam party ! Just like our very own Sentosa Zoukout. First time visitors should have an orientation here.
We forgot to mention Parents enter for Free Yeah !

Rain Rain go Away, the Gloomy sky threatens to wipe out the kids’ smiles and anticipation..

At 3pm, we huddle into a tent to watch some talented macaws raise the flag 🙂

We even had an opportunity to hand feed the adorable birds.

At about 4:50pm, the all-clear AHOY was blown, every kid dashed into the pool ! What a spectacular sight.

One by one, water start splashing from every nook and pipe ! Super Cool !

From here onwards, parents only see smiles and hear shouts of joy !

The pirate ship is adult friendly too, and we are so glad many parents join in the Fun ! Maybe adults got a childhood dream to be Captain Hook?

While you are enjoying yourself, listen out for the bell and exchange your curio coins for souvenirs or snacks!

.. so many colourful slides from the ship’s deck, that is Wen Yi climbing for the 50th time keke

Wen Xin is more interested in a orange ball? Watch the video to see how she like to splash her buttocks !

POLW – where both Kids and Adults can have quality family Fun time !

We will definitely be back, we looted four packets of coins home 🙂

Entry fee for Port of Lost Wonder..

Thank you to Sentosa for the invite, SengkangBabies find POLW irreistable, and we will recommend this playground to friends. Say A-H-O-Y to more photos at our Fanpage album.