Cycling Seletar North

When we went cycling Seletar North area, we found some interesting landscapes. Sand, airport and this scenic water body between Punggol Timor Island and Punggol Barat Island.
Cycling Sengkang West

Never heard of Punggol Timor or Punggol Barat?
You are not alone, as everyone only knows about Coney Island :p
seletar sengkang cycling map

Referring to map above (credit Google), let us orientate our route Cycling Seletar North, checkpoints :
1 – Sungei Punggol Dam (If you head North pass Marina Country Club, you will reach Punggol End, Coney Island)
2 – The water body between Punggol Timor and Punggol Barat
3 – Seletar Airport
4 – Yishun Dam
5 – Take new road Seletar Aerospace Way to reach Sengkang Fernvale or Jalan Kayu

Video (Link) : Kids ride faster when I nag :p

Some of the checkpoints along our cycling route. Dam at Sungei Punggol.

You will not miss these colourful dormitories. Are these workers busy building North East’s infrastructure and public housing?
Cycling Seletar

Vast amount of sand along Punggol Timor Island! (just in case Singapore’s neighbours try to disrupt our construction sector). It reminds me of those slides down Pinnacles’ sand dunes (in Perth).

This might also explain why the stretch of road along Seletar North is more dusty.
Sand bank Seletar

At “checkpoint 2”, I told Yee not all snails are escargots, and we normally do not eat snails raw.

Cycle further down and you will see aeroplanes on the tarmac of Seletar Airport.
How to go to Seletar Airport
Cycling to Seletar Airport

Take note of overgrown scrubs along certain stretch of Seletar West Link. We might need to push our bikes. We miss the left-turn at Seletar Aerospace Way “checkpoint 5” and ended near TPE “checkpoint 6”.

Cycling seletar aerospace
Cycling seletar aerospace

This detour cost us an additional 45 minutes as there was no cycling path and we had to push the bike for about 1.5km!

I am very proud of the adventurous spirits displayed by the kids. Although we were tired (and hungry), and it was getting tough to cycle in dim light, we persevered and reach home safely together 🙂

Additional tips :
– Females should not cycle or jog alone, as these corners are very quiet and has thick vegetation
– Round trip cycling from Anchorvale Swimming Pool to Seletar Airport is around 9km, add 5km to reach Jalan Kayu
– The Marina Country club should be another interesting sight, you can see “boats” parked under the green roofs
(Marina Country Club is about 3km away from Punggol MRT)
– Easy cycling should cover this distance in under 90 minutes, we stop over for some “candid poses”
– The pathway (check the video) after Sungei Punggol Dam is a bit narrow, we need to share the path with joggers, cyclists and foreign workers
– As we get nearer to Seletar Airport, you will hear planes flying overhead (video at 7.48 minute)
– If you are really lost, bus 103 and 117 serves Seletar Aerospace area

* if you have time and energy to spend, try cycling 4.5km across Yishun Dam “Checkpoint 4” towards Orchid Country Club and Lower Seletar Reservoir. Mandai Park Connector will link you to Singapore Zoo (10 km). (The shallow water at Lower Seletar Reservoir waterplay area is very popular with toddlers)

Seletar Airport map

Our Sengkang-Punggol round trip video is not up yet, but you can read about our Coney Island experience.

Forget Punggol Waterway Point, you will definitely find more adventures along Seletar North and Sengkang West 🙂

*updated 2021 Aug – Last Fishing Village and Rower’s Bay are popular with folks from Sengkang and Punggol too.

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Hello Father’s day

My Day. They call me Daddy, Father and sometimes Andy Lee. The girl call me Ah Pa2 (阿爸). Somehow the girl sounds sweeter :p

People still do not believe I am a Dad, and four times over. What did they say about parenting makes one younger?

So on that special day every year, kids will say Happy Father’s Day to their daddies.
I am actually immune to the special treatment.

To be a Dad, is a duty, which I uphold to the best of my ability.
I might look cheerful and easy going, but I can be quite strict when it comes to parenting.
Kids are free to do whatever they want, but they must know the boundaries first
(sounds like Papa PAP right :p )

Walao, why I am so naggy today?

Let us see how I spend the day with my kids on Father’s Day 🙂

Punggol Waterway is 10mins by driving, but we would prefer to cycle over to enjoy the playground.

When we were there, the taps will turn on every alternate 10 mins, do bring your suntan lotion along as this place is not sheltered. Families were out in force to enjoy Punggol Waterway’s facilities.

Every kid welcomes the cooling water. Today, it is only me and the kids 🙂

Boon Yee inspecting his playground. He has decided to give Punggol Waterway 9.5/10 marks. Did you know this Punggol Waterway project has won international recognition?

Video : We will pop by again