Sungei Rengit Seafood

Sweet and sour fish, crunchy, crispy and we can even chew on the bones (rated 3.75/5). Sungei Rengit Seafood (Desaru) is 28km South from Lotus Desaru.
Sungei Rengit review

After driving out from Lotus Desaru, turn left at petrol station. 25min drive at 80kmh but do take note the road will be dark in the evening, watch out for potholes.

While navigating for dinner, we came across a popular 100 year-old biscuit shop, Lim Choo Seng (聚成中西饼店 GPS n01.35059 e104.22256). A lot of cars came up to buy Mai3 Tai3 Sou1(马蹄) and prawn crackers, we heard the Lao Poh (wife) biscuit is famous too.

The boss recommended Beautiful Village to us for dinner. From our previous visit, we had wanted to find Jade Garden but apparently this restaurant has either closed down or upgraded. (the other popular stall is You3 Ji4 at GPS e01.35116 e104.22432)

Beautiful Village – (GPS n01.35024 e104.22208).

Kang Kong is too spicy (rated 2.5/5)

铁板豆腐 Hotplate Tofu (rated 3/5)

Cereal Prawn (rated 3/5)

Wildboar a bit too tough (rated 3/5)

Total damage, RM113. Only the fried fish (first photo) is above average.

On the way back to our resort, we took the coastal road (in red) by mistake, traveling 25km in total darkness. Absolute darkness as in you-cannot-see-your-own-hands-dark, rear view was dark except for our car rear light.

In the evening, this might be the best spot for stars gazing if you dare to camp overnight. In the day, this track should be ideal for cycling. We drove between 60 and 80kmh, as we did not want to drive off a bend into the sea.

Unless you like to highbeam away 🙂 remember to head back to Lotus Desaru on Route 92 (blue line).

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Sungei Rengit Seafood