Snorkeling at Tioman X Rector

This is the second time we visited Tioman X Rector 无名导游 , read our previous adventures and review here.

Someone please reminds us why Tioman offers cool snorkeling spots :p
(the full video is at end of page)


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Feels so good to be back in our familiar kampong, and with our host Ah Liang and Ah Wee 🙂

Kids really enjoy their Tioman X Rector snorkeling experience last year. We wanted to refresh our snorkel skills again before we head off for our year-end vacation (Philippines).

Idyllic seaside resort. Sea and horizon views look different, low and high tide.

Our rooms for two nights.

The usual food. Truth is Kampong Genting food options are limited :p

Coral breakfast and dinner. Mee Goreng and chicken wings recommended. We gorge on ramee burgers every evening too. Prata is recommended too 🙂

Only Chinese F&B in Genting, but White Seafood price is relatively higher.

Tioman X Rector has some new gimmicks too.  A new entertainment room, you can watch movies and play darts. Kids spend their afternoon with Avatar.

A new swing too.

Our night activities include chasing and catching after crabs. Your friendly hosts will do knowledge transfer FOC.

These crabs are not meant for consumption, and all were released.
(If sky is clear, you can watch the milky way too)

The highlight of our trip must be snorkeling, exploring the underwater world.

tioman snorkeling class
Tioman snorkeling class

Do take note the boat trip is not inclusive in your accommodation package. Package is only available for X Rector guests. Ah Liang and Ah Wee will coach you with basic snorkel skills.

Tioman X Rector
Tioman X Rector

The boys (and man) upgraded their snorkeling skills this round. We went to the open sea without our life jackets!

We listened to our coaches’ teaching and practice in shallow waters beforehand.

Just face down and breath normally. Follow the current and float. When we are tired, just relax and tread water.


Tioman Monsoon season
Tioman Monsoon season

Sounds so easy during our “warmup”. The challenge is to repeat our knowledge when we are in 20m deep open water :p

As we venture out, we saw dead baby sharks. Pity.

Tioman is blessed with clear water and rich marine ecosystem. We can find reef colony just outside our resort, but we had to venture out to some exclusive corners to find more gems.

Hermit crabs aplenty on white beach 白沙滩.

We would venture out to the rocks and explore the cave network too 🙂

Tioman snorkeling fun
Tioman snorkeling fun

Those who are tired, or worried can always don a life jacket during the snorkel sessions.

Snorkeling Fun with Tioman X Rector (YouTube Video)

We wonder why Boon Yee (no3 ) is kicking so vigorously below the surface. nervous?

Nice sunset to cap our Tioman adventure 🙂

Bid our friends goodbye and head back to JB. Lunch was our favourite paper-wrapped chicken before we took a factory bus home :p

JB paper wrap chicken
JB paper wrap chicken

Not joking. Bus 16x and 17x were too slow, we followed the regulars and dashed onto the blue factory buses haha.

Bus fare can be RM2 (per pax) or SGd2 depending on demand!

That ends our 3D2N trip to Tioman. We will definitely visit X rector again 🙂

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ps.. On a side note, Marvel Fans might want to checkout a cool apartment (Both Tioman and JB stays are not sponsored).

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Tioman family itinerary

Tioman Family itinerary, this is the last post of our Tioman 4D3N trip. We will share all the Fun activities which families can enjoy on Tioman Island.

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Without a doubt, Tioman best activity is snorkeling (we have two snorkel packages to giveaway from X Rector, ending 14 July 2018)

snorkeling in Tioman
snorkeling in Tioman

As we could not book extra night at X Rector due to full house, we stayed one night with “Island Reef” (Bare necessities for Rm 160 per night, a bit run down, but it serves our needs).


Before we proceed further, checkout our YouTube (Link) for our fun family activities on Tioman island.

Kayaking anyone?

Very safe here, minimum current and no sharp corals. Kayak fees are about RM40 per hour

Cycling and Kayaking rentals are available at selected resorts or stalls.
We got our kayaks from Impiana Inn, 30 RM per hour (but boss let us rent extra hour free).

Tioman Family itinerary
Tioman Family itinerary

Kayak can actually fit 3 pax 🙂

Tioman family itinerary activities
Tioman family itinerary activities


Fish bait anyone? You can feed the bread to the fishes when you go for island hopping. Kampong Genting’s shoreline might have limited shoals of fishes, you need to snorkel 50m out to see the nice corals.

Cycling anyone? Explore the island on wheels.

No matter where we cycle, we always get to see the sea.
Take note there are plenty of slopes on the island!


Tioman family activities


You will smell mangos along the way, and we stopped a few times to chase after the chickens.

Motorbike rental is not expensive, and no license required. But the town is super small, so we did a lot of walking.

But if you wish to enjoy some thrills, why not? Rental is cheap!

Below bikes are not for rental, we were just posing for fun.

Walking to and fro from X Rector to the jetty. Jetty area will have some provision shops. Walking to our lunch and dinner spots etc.

Be prepared for a lot of walking 🙂

Ramly burgers, every night! Rm5 only and tasty. This is the one and only stall in our Kampong, next to jetty.

Prata and Mee Goreng breakfast at Jetty area also recommended

Along the ways, kids always make a beeline for the jetty.

Fishing maybe?

Infact, kids love to checkout fisherman’s latest catch at the jetty, day and night. If time permits, I would have love to go fishing with them.

There are always shoal of fishes huddling under the jetty.

Two other things we noticed while exploring Tioman. There are a LOT of rocks and cats.

The ROCKs are on the island, inside the forest and under the sea!


The cats are near your cafe and restaurants haha.


Eastern end of Kampong Genting, there are some mangroves in the creek.

More dive shops, this corner has more sands (rather than rocks).


Beach fun, Sandcastles or building reservoirs or drains.

There are always some family activities to keep the kids entertained. We would catch hermit crabs in our “swimming pool” or try to block the waves.

Fun Tioman family itinerary
Fun Tioman family itinerary


We can add many more activities to our Tioman family itinerary. Anything but mobile phones, kids will be near to nature and sun.

We did not do trekking and waterfall this round (3 to 4 hours round trip). There are two popular waterfalls in Tioman, Seah Waterfall and Juara waterfall. If you are keen, there is a 1000m Mountain for you to hike too!

Additional tips :

1)Read our previous road trip tips from Singapore to Mersing.

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*Updated 2019Nov – 2nd trip to Tioman X Rector

2)Do pop by our Facebook album for more Fun photos (Facebook link)

3)If you are going near the beach, spray some insect repellent on your legs. Me and no1 was bitten by sand flies. We did not spot them but only felt the itch after 2 or 3 days.

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