Taichung Fengjia Night Market and Green Hotel

We visited 逢甲夜市 Fengjia Night Market twice, kids had a lot of fun trying their luck at the UFOs. Everyone had fun spotting their favourite snacks 🙂

This is the last article on 台中 Taichung, we have rated this city as the best in our 10D9N exploration. Visit our Taichung Fun and Eat list below, and share more good Taichung food with us 🙂

Day 4 Cycling Taichung 台中 
Day 4a 台中 Taichung  attractions
Day 5a 台中 Taichung food Ice cream and Bubble Tea
Day 5b 台中 Taichung Fengjia night market

Fengjia Night Market
Fengjia Night Market

We chose 葉綠宿旅館 Green Hotel for its close proximity to Night Market and street activities . (GPS 24.176662, 120.643222)

Fengjia Night Market is just 5 minutes walking distance away.

Comfortable, Neat and Clean, we had a relaxing two nights at this hotel. Love the green theme (with a vertical planter) and you can find snail mascots everywhere. You can even adopt your own pot of plant 🙂

The 24-hours laundry service next door allowed us to clean and dry our clothes, and cafe downstairs serve delicious donuts.

Useful map below highlighted all the popular cafes and eateries nearby.

Two popular venues nearby are 牛肉面 Beef Noodles and Duck Noodles.

尊品原汁牛肉麵 (Gps 24.175866, 120.644212)

Tender with a slightly herbal stock (Rated 3.5/5), we enjoyed the noodles but appreciated our short couple rendezvous more.


當歸鴨麵線 (GPS 24.175559, 120.644819)

We pass by this stall and saw long queues on both days. Stall front looks discreet but the duck must be good! (especially in cold weather).

A pity we did not try this, do hunt for stall in the small lane. You will see the queue first, delicious photos at Google link.

The highlight of course would still be 逢甲夜市 Fengjia Night Market.

Many entrances but this is the main one (GPS 24.175980, 120.645527). The name of the night market came from the nearby University.

Opposite  Fengjia Night market, these two stalls are packing in the crowds every evening!

Takoyaki and 明倫蛋餅 Ming Lun (Traditional egg crepe)

You might need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes, if you want to avoid the crowd, there is a second 明倫 Ming Lun  at (GPS 24.174782, 120.644381).

Once inside the night market, it was non-stop feasting and experimenting.

Some of the stall or food names are memorable and funny. But cheese and fried chicken is always popular with the crowd (ie long queues!)


Juicy cuttlefish and squid stalls are around every corner too 🙂

More food and souvenirs, kids were not impressed with Papaya Milk, even when I told them it is famous.

Toys and Souvenirs

Do walk along the back lane and alleys, no worry as the lanes are bright and safe. You will see boutique shops and more fancy food options.

Duck tongue is a delicacy for Taiwanese. But it is yucky for me!


I split out the 鴨舌 duck tongue after a few chew, no taste but I did not like the texture, the two long ‘pipes” extending from the tongue. As I chewed, image of the tongue wriggling in my mouth are stuffs of horror movie. Ok I exaggerated, but you will not be likely to see me attempt this delicacy again haha.

You will see an assortment on innards, pig’s blood cake(blood by-products are banned in Singapore), intestines and never seen before anatomy!

My darling forbid me from kissing her that night 🙁

Let us move to something less revolting, UFO crawlers! Kids and Dads normally are entertained by these claws.


Insert a coin, strategised and hope you grab your souvenir.
It is easy to stay here for 1 hour while the Mrs goes about her shopping without the nagging Husband.

It does not matter if you win the biggest or smallest toy from your attempt, any toy won is enough to send us into a frenzy #MissionAchieved !

UFO crawler Taiwan

What do we do when we are tired? Massage from one of the outlet we frequented, next to Fengjia Night Market (GPS 24.178402, 120.645088).

Taichung massage
Taichung massage



We visited Fengjia Night Market on two nights. If you love Taiwan street food, order less portion for your dinner. We always order 3 or 4 portions for our family of six, so we could enjoy more snacks and papaya milk :p

At Fengjia Night Market (or any 夜市 Night Market) for group of 3 plus, order multiple food and share. Each item is likely to cost between NTD40 to NTD100 (estimated 2 to 5 SGD).


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