Puss in Boots USS review

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It is no longer a rumour, Puss in Boots (Giant) is in operation at Universal Studios Singapore (USS)!
Just look at those huge adorable innocent eyes.

And so the story goes

Hold on, before the story unfolds, we can already feel Puss’s presence all over Universal Studios.
USS Puss in boots review

At the Far Far Away themed zone, the Giant’s Castle sits ruined, entwined within a giant beanstalk. The quest, nine lives in the making, begins here as Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws go in search of the precious golden eggs in a bid to save San Ricardo’s Orphanage, which has fallen on hard times.

Puss in Boots USS ride will bring visitors round and up the castle before visitors experience a mild sensation dashing down the carriage.
USS Puss in boots ride

This must be how Jack felt when he dashed down the beanstalk, running away from the Giant.

I would recommend this ride for someone who has yet to experience a roller coaster ride before. The “Golden eggs, Puss, Softpaws and Mother Goose will help to distract the kids from their fear of heights. Carriage can accommodate up to 9 people, so the whole family can enjoy a little thrill together.

Take a sneak peep into the Puss in Boots video with CNA.
This is one of the new rides introduced for USS’s 5th anniversary.

Look at the crowd behind us, all anticipating Universal Studios’ new ride.

Three Daddies (Cheekiemonkie, PerfectFather) relive their childhood stories with Puss in Boots USS 🙂

For daredevils, go for Transformers (Sci-Fi City), Revenge of the Mummy(Ancient Egypt) and Canopy Flyer (The Lost World). All our Universal Studio experiences are listed here.

More updates about Universal Studios Singapore can be found on their website and Fanpage.

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