Dettol keeps our hands clean

Parents always have to nag at our kids to wash or sanitize their hands. If our kids pick up good hygiene habits, we hope they will be less exposed to germs and disease like HFMD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease).

We had blog about HFMD and childcare in an earlier post, and why all stakeholders (school, parents and kids) must work together to minimize contamination.

For some reasons, kids prefer to play with running water, instead of soap.
Maybe Dettol‘s new No-Touch-Hand-Wash-System will help?

In three easy steps, dispense-wash-dry, kids can sanitize their hands. The only problem is keeping our curious daughter away. You see, Dettol’s new Hand-Wash-System automatically dispenses soap, and Boon Xin cannot resist placing her palm near the sensor to trigger the soap !

To keep your kids happy and clean, Dettol’s auto dispenser comes with two stickers, Zebra or Penguin 🙂

We are proud to let you know that our Wen Wei was once a hygiene ambassador and he even appear on TV8 news, 看小朋友有没有洗洗手 🙂

Daddy wish to thanks Dettol and Nuffnang for keeping our family safe from germs.


Hello Strangers, are you happy today?

Are Singaporeans graceful? Are we friendly to each other?
If you Google “Is Singapore graceful”, you might bump into our blog article “Making Singapore society more graceful

Our blog got so many hits on the topic of “graceful”, it is a bit unnerving…
If our society is more graceful, Daddy believe there will be more happy faces 🙂

Anyway, Daddy came across this Happy group called “Hello Stranger“.
You do not need to know them personally, in order to enjoy and smile at their in-your-face antics !

These chaps will literally hold “Hello Stranger” posters and walk in the streets, engaging every pedestrian and motorist in their path. Look at how they encourage motorists to Honk in the middle of the road haha. Sounds like real Fun !

“Happy and I HONK it”

1) Hello Stranger’s objective resonates with our own Happy family.
They wish to make Singapore a happier and friendlier place to live, Singaporeans can definitely afford to pause for a minute and bring a smile to the person next to you.

2) Daddy want our kids to have a memorable and fun childhood.
Sengkang Babies always want our visitors to leave our blog with a smile 🙂

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

If you are smiling after watching their YouTube, love Hello Stranger, support them, maybe join them, and start by bringing a smile to your neighbour.

If are cycling or driving and you bump into this group of crazy but Fun chaps, Honk Them ok, they deserve our applaud. Clap Clap 🙂