Sindy Durian for Boon Kang Birthday

We decided to celebrate Boon Kang’s Birthday with Mao Shan Wang (猫山王) durians. At Sindy Durian, Daddy and Mummy (奶奶too) got the perfect excuse to indulge in Durian feasting :p
Boon Kang Birthday Durian

It is the durian season, and we keep seeing photos of durians on our social media channels. Yellow, creamy and fleshly Durian tempting us everyday. Although our kids do not really know how to appreciate Mao Shan Wang, they are game to try some seeds.
kids durian feast

Sindy Durian is one of the 5 reputable dealers highlighted for good quality durians (source Makansutra).
Sindy Durian

Auntie Sindy quality checks every Durian to ensure only top-notch Mao Shan Wangs are served to customers. Sniff, peel, customer pinch and savour, you can be assured of only good quality durians at Sindy. This explains why the queue can be slow moving 🙂
recommend durian stalls

Be patient, good stuff must wait. Meanwhile, kids are amazed Auntie Sindy needs no glove.
durian season

We purposely choose one slightly sweeter Mao Shan Wang for the kids. Bitter, Sweet, all creamy! The bitter ones are really bitter but shiok!
Sindy Durian review

Happy Birthday, Boon Kang! We end the evening with ice cream at Swensen’s.
Kang birthday

Sindy Durian :
– Address – 89 Whampoa Drive #01-835 Singapore 320089 (drive in from Whampoa Food Center) (GPS 1.323670, 103.854960)
– Contact – 9710 2427

* we heard the queues at nearby Combat Durian (Balestier) is even crazier, so we opt for Sindy Durian to satisfy our Durian cravings

** Durians buffet at Penang plantation 
*** Read up our review of Durian Delivery (Online service, click here)

Sorry, Emicakes’ Mao Shan Wang 猫山王 is too good

[Sponsored Review]

We celebrated 奶奶 (Nai Nai)’s birthday earlier. She is very happy because she got four grandchildren to keep her busy cheerful. She is also delighted to know that we got her a Durian cake.

Not any ordinary Durian cakes, but Emicakes‘ signature 猫山王 (Mao Shan Wang).

You might be wondering why our “Subject” is about apologising to a Durian cake?
Well, show us a good Durian cake, and our kids will devour everything.

Emicakes’ 猫山王 is simply too good to resist :p

Emicakes is famous for their Durian cakes, and when they invited SengkangBabies to review their Mother’s Day collection, how could we resist their thorny Mao Shan Wang?

Emicakes’ Mao Shan Wang is filled with generous fillings of the rich Durian pulp. The durian flesh is spread in between three layers of soft vanilla chiffon, topped with golden chocolate pieces. For Durian lovers, each mouthful is heavenly.

Our 猫山王 (Mao Shan Wang) in happier times

You know our kids love Cakes, maybe you also heard why parents always sacrifice their own birthday cakes 🙁

Video : Everything went like clockwork until we sang Happy Birthday.

When we turn on the light again, our Mao Shan Wang did not stand a chance, 1/4 gone !
Look at the awesome Durian fillings !

Delicious. Sumptous. Heavenly. Guilty Yummy.

Before long, Daddy noticed the cake has shrunk again. He almost forgot to snap a few more photos haha.

Mother’s Day falls on 12 May, and Emicakes would like to share their special cakes to all the Mums out there.

*Say it with Love

*Pure Addiction

*Premium D24

Thank you Emicakes for your delicious cake, all of us enjoy consuming the poor 猫山王 🙂

We would like to remind our friends that Durians are banned on MRT. The aroma is simply too strong to conceal.

Now for some good news, Emicakes is sharing 2 sets of $20 vouchers with our fans 🙂
Simply :

1. LIKE SengkangBabies and Emicakes Fanpage
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3. Contest ends 12Apr 2300 (Winners randomly picked)

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