Punggol Park

Those new to North East area will be confused why there is a Punggol Park in the middle of Hougang. Long before Sengkang and Punggol township were ready, Punggol road was plying from old Punggol to Hougang towards Upper Serangoon road.

That was the period when Punggol End was still filled with Seafood restaurants 🙂

Sengkang is blessed with a lot of Greens, all within a leisurely 15min ride. Do pop by our Neighbourhood Park explorations.

Since our last visit, Punggol Park has some new ammenities, the lake and playground are always popular with families, especially during weekends.

Joggers and cyclists like to run rounds around the lake’s circumference.
But it is still called Punggol Park 🙂

Punggol Park is located between Buangkok, Sengkang and Hougang.

Video (Link): Cycling in Sengkang and Punggol Park

Boon Yee and Boon Xin enjoys the trip most, they were riding pillions !

As our weekends are packed with kids’ curriculum, we really treasure the opportunity to explore the parks. Building our family bonds through a leisurely ride.

Before we head home, kids need to explore the playground first 🙂

Along the way back, we pass by Sengkang Firestation, and some big longkangs (drains). Daddy used to climb down and catch guppies in his younger days, although this might not be recommended now. Flash flood can sweep the strongest swimmers away.

Teach the kids how to cycle
, and your weekends will be packed with exploration trails 🙂

Swimming and Cycling are Fun

In Singapore, kids must learn how to Swim and Cycle, otherwise they will lose out on a lot of Fun. Did you noticed our June holidays are packed with Water activities?

(hint Life Guard, Ipoh Lost World Tambun, Bird Park and Zoo 40th, WWW, BBQ at POLW, Father’s Day Punggol)

Our kids really love Water Play! Sometimes Daddy and Mummy are amazed at where we find so much time and energy to run, swim, play with the kids 🙂 JUST Do IT !

Singapore is an island, surrounded by Sea and Hot humid weather. Water Play must be one of the most convenient way to cool down, the swimming pools, the sea, and sometimes fountains (Bugis) 🙂

Video (Link) – If kids are adventurous, we can even go fishing in Redang an Krabi, or just grab a pail !

The second sports which we want the kids to pickup is CYCLING. Cycling will enable us to go everywhere, anytime. The learning journey is part of the Fun.

Once our kids are mobile, we are instantly connected to hundreds of kilometers of cycling tracks, thanks to nParks..

If kids stamina are good, we can even cycle on Paya Lebar Airport’s runway ! If cycling is not possible, Boon Xin’s scooter might be the next best Fun transport medium.

Video (Link) : Cycling at Peya Lebar airbase

Ironically, Daddy could only cycle once with the kids in June due to other commitments and the haze. Click to follow our cycling adventures.

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