Navy Open House 2013

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Good news, Navy Open House (NOH) is happening this weekend. We guys just love Guns and Missile stuffs, and our boys are looking towards some excitement after their exams.

(Credit Kelvin)

Daddy was invited to NOH preview last week at Changi Naval Base (CNB). Even before we start our tour, we felt welcome by the Navy family.

First stop, “Mission Zone”

The models gave us a glance of Navy’s toys assets. We get a better understanding of why we need to protect our sea lanes.

Grace with our friendly host, and Navy’s array of Missiles and Torpedos.

Daddy and Hong Peng prep for operations. Daddy doubt we will be smiling when we are facing pirates at Gulf of Aden. Singapore Navy participates actively in humanitarian efforts too.

In every SAF open house, Dynamic Display is always a blockbuster attraction. You get to witness the combined arms working together. Add flare, gunpowder, handsome frogmen (for the ladies) and awful lot of explosions for the effect!

Cover your ears as the Typhoon gun (foreground) is VERY Loud.

With Seahawk’s sonar and Chinook’s Divers, Singapore Navy quickly pinpoints the enemy’s coordinates. Well drilled processes zoom in on the intruders, before deadly Harpoons or Torpedos were dispatched.

The show ends with Divers boarding a hijacked vessel. Can you imagine climbing up three storeys up the ladder (of hostile vessels) in rough sea condition?

Swift Rescue is actually Singapore Navy’s submarine rescue vessel.

The elite divers, with two Uncles Daddies.

(Credit Kelvin)

Dynamic display timing :
– 0930 and 1430 (18 May)
– 1030 and 1430 (19 May)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Live the Action ! We follow Kelvin towards RSS Vengeance from 188. Our corvettes’ Harpoons mean business.

Close quarter living condition on a vessel. We heard crew have to eat standing on the corridors.

We bid Changi Naval Base farewell and embark on our cruise to nowhere.

With the advance technology onboard, Nathan (Edmund’s son) charted a path to South China Sea Marina Bay Sands.

Come this weekend, those with kids will understand why the control-room is a Cool childcare centre too :p

On the vessels, military buffs will be able to polish the GPMG, Mistral AA or the Oto 76mm.

Our Corvette was able to travel at a top speed of 30knots (about 50kmh), and the WINDY condition explains why our hair is slightly messy.

(Credit Kelvin)

Everyone gave Two thumbs up at the end of our cruise !

(Credit Hong Peng)

When you pop by CNB this Sat and Sun, go ballot for a one-hour ride on the boats, be it anti-Mine vessel, Corvettes or the Patrol Vessels. Duck tours and Fast Craft Utility (AOH 2012) rides do not need balloting and are more suitable for younger kids.

The boat ride timings are : 1130, 1300, 1530, 1630 and 1730.

Sorry, Submarines are still out of bound :p

(credit Navy Fanpage)

Here for Imdex, we heard a few foreign warships will be opening their doors to visitors too. Australia, India, Indonesia, Thailand and US vessels will be playing host too. USS Freedom (Littoral combat ships) looks interesting. Too bad USS Independence is not available in Singapore.

After our boat ride, Jerome climbed the ladder at “Experience Zone” to shoot some blanks πŸ™‚

Queues are expected for this station. You can shoot real pellets into the milk-tins !

We witness an operating table, and Daddy thought the real doctor and staff nurse are “actors”. Those interested in “ER” can cosplay as Doctors and perform a procedure too.

Daddy beaming broadly next to the Archer-class subs, we cannot go any nearer.

Fortunately, Navy has a mockup of a submarine. You can even try hot-bunking, where are the 9 torpedo tubes?

Hong Peng getting a feel of his future mistress “Ultimax 100 (Saw)”.

Old birds like Daddy head straight for the biggest gun, GPMG. He miss the recoil !

(Credit Kelvin)

Video : Do not mess with Grace and her GPMG !

Last stop “One SAF Static display”. The Navy, Army and Airforce display their hardware, SAF is about integration between the three services.



Navy- All types of boats await, from small to big, from RPL (remember Tekong?) to assault boats.

Daddy got an opportunity to zoom around Sembawang basin on the RGIB (top right) when he visited the Divers Unit. Awesome experience, but it is not available for rides in NOH 2013. Where is our Protector hiding?

We did not venture into “Family and Fun Zone”, but you can expect kids to roleplay as Naval officers.

Do pop by our blogger friends’ experience too πŸ™‚

David (He is the guru)
Edmund (checkout how our little sailors fare)
Hong Peng

There will be so many action stations this weekend, we are recommending you to pop by NOH’s app to plan your own itinerary.

We would like to shout Thank You to all the Navy personal who hosted us during our preview, we got to witness the close bonding between sailors.

Video : Navy as a career anyone? Daddy still remember their old tagline “The Sun, the Sand, and the Sea”

More information about Navy Open House 2013 :

Navy Fanpage for latest updates (eg wet weather will stop the cruises)
– NOH sails on 18 and 19 May, from 0900 to 1900
** the only way to access NOH is via shuttle bus services (from Expo Hall 3, 0830 onwards)
** it is very Hot, suntan lotion and water parade is a must
– security screening is very strict, do not bring unnecessary baggage
– Ladies no skirts or dress, enjoy the climbs but do not expose your underwear
– if you are boarding the vessels, do not wear sandals
– to truly experience the open house, we recommend a 1/2 day tour
– if there is one must-do item, go ballot for the boat rides, and savour the experience (kids must be above 90cm)

– our fun NOH 2013 photos are available on our Fanpage
– pop by our NOH 2010, 2013 Vivocity Intrepid Frigate and NDU Diver experience too

We love the Vessels so much, kids went back a second round πŸ™‚
Read our adventures here.

** updated 2013 May 18 – Video of our Fun FCU ride !