What is SG50?

To Boon Xin, it means Fun.

Maybe imitating a Karang Guni’s morning call “TV, spoilt Radio, or Ipad”?
Who has seen such a cute rag-and-born man girl before?

Video : … or maybe peddling “ice cream”. It comes with bell too !
Probably not a good idea as Boon Xin might consume too much Wall’s Chocolate wafers!

What about a plate of Yummy Chicken rice ?

Maybe revisit the Dragons, Pelicon or Seals?

Daddy hates the dreaded ERP ! Every motorists are at it’s mercy.

What is SG50?

Singapore will be 50 years old in 2015, do pop by http://www.singapore50.sg and Fanpage for more events updates.

You are invited to share how you will celebrate SG50 in 2015 πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, do bring your kids to SG50 booth outside NLB (National Library).
It will definitely bring back some sweet memories (not only Teh Tarik) for the parents too.

Or you can pop by Channel U’s 100% Singapore η™Ύεˆ†η™Ύζ–°εŠ ε‘. Tonight Ch U 8pm will showcase episode 7 (featuring tissue paper chope!).

(Self-advertising, did you catch us in Episode 1 “Nostalgia playground”?)