Taiwan Day 4 – Taichung attractions

3D2N in 台中 Taichung, there are enough Taichung attractions to keep families entertained.

Nature, Hiking, hot Springs, 文创 Cultural, FOOD! Hey we did cycling at Houfeng too, thus far our best family activity in 台湾 Taiwan. More photos  in our Facebook albums (here).

I would recommend Taichung as a base to explore nearby counties.

1)East to 南投 Nantou (Cingjing), Xitou, Alishan and Sun Moon Lake
2)South to 彰化 Changhua, 台南 Tainan
3)North to Miaoli (Flying Cows and Strawberries)


Balmy 14 degrees, Blue skies, no more mist, and a pianist :p

Photo above show Ah Xin playing the piano at 中社觀光花市 Zhong She Flower Market.

We started the first 3 days of our Taiwan trip in the mountains and amidst the cold, cloud and mist, love it! But we sort of miss the Sun too.  (Our itinerary here )


We headed to Miaoli from Sun Moon Lake (2 hour trip), bypassing Taichung along the way. Miaoli is famous for Flying Cow Farm, but did you know Miaoli is also famous for strawberries and grapes?

Chapter 1 Strawberries

And the most famous street in 苗栗 Miaoli for strawberries must be 大湖 Dahu. The whole street left and right is packed with strawberry farms for at least two kilometres!


Our driver recommended 六合 (GPS 24.443889, 120.873889) because the hydroponic method meant we can pick the strawberries with ease.  Those traditional farms meant you need to squat and might be back breaking after 30 minutes.


This is the first season for Strawberries so many of them are still babies, not really plumb yet and slightly sour.

Part of the fun is challenging each other to find the biggest strawberry, snip snip. It will not take long to gather a full basket, make your payment (pay by grams) at the counter and enjoy some strawberry products.

These are not pluck by us, definitely looked richer and juicier!


On to the next stop, there are a lot of silver grass in the hilly  country side, glimmering and swaying under the sunlight. Many cyclists are challenging gravity too!

Chapter 2 Hakka Lunch and old Train station

Xiao Li told us that many 客家 Hakkas are staying around this area.

Ok, there are at least three “百年” 客家 restaurants along the street.  One of the best lunch we enjoyed in Taiwan was at 勝興客栈.

The internal decoration felt unchanged from the last decades, and the food was really delicious. The menu is written on the bamboo scripts (sorry we did not understand traditional Chinese and needed help with food ordering).

The whole dining experience felt like those 80s, 90s Hong kong dramas  客栈 (where are the 龙门客栈 swordsmen?), and the staff are super friendly.



Delicious home cooked food, the 扣肉 (pork) simply melted in our mouth.



Second round of rice for us, the chicken was a little bloody for the kids.


(Photo below) This is off the menu, camerised sweet potato. This is the bomb! Sweet, crunchy and appetising. Thank you 小李 for the lunch treat 🙂

-Would rate 勝興客栈 ( 4.5/5 ), highly recommended !
-GPS 24.388333, 120.781944 Google Review


Visited an old nostalgic Train station 勝興 across the road.  勝興車站 Sheng4 Xin 3 Train station is just across the road from our restaurant.

The cute Minion Kombi van was spotted in a carpark. Left photo (below) is the entrance, walk through and you will see the tracks.


Backdrop for more Instagram poses and selfies, you can walk inside the tunnel too. Not as happening and crowded as Shifen but interesting stop (literally) nevertheless.

You will see buskers and even a small street market along the street.

Chapter 3 Flowers! 中社花海

Fees apply, nice photo opportunities but go during the morning when the Sun is less harsh. I could imagined  weekends will be super crowded.

Kids taking a photo with our friendly driver and guide, 小李.
(Many bloggers know him)

*Take note 中社花海 “Zhong She” is different from 新社花海 “Xin She” (flower photos in link),  新社花海 is free but exhibition is only available in Nov and Dec.

Although both exhibitions are famous for flowers and equally stunning, if you want to pose with Pianos, choose 中社花海 (GPS 24.334388, 120.730397).

Entrance fee for Zhong She.

Lavender fields and many other variety of blooms. We would recommend minimum 45 minutes at this area. If you love photography or flowers, spend 2 hours here with your darlings 🙂

Kids can feed the fishes in the pond too.

The pianos in the center of the flower fields are super popular! Looks so drama!



More photo opportunities, 花痴 haha 🙂

Love the swings, which visitors eagerly pose with. Depending on the season, different flowerbeds will be curated.

Our favourite is still the mysterious Lavender. Many photobombs inside the flower fields, be patient to capture the best angle.

Taichung  attractions
Taichung  attractions


As we head back towards the city, the setting sun lingers over the horizon.

Chapter 4 Dinner street food or restaurant

We heard Steak Akaoni 赤鬼炙燒牛排 is popular (GPS 24.176006, 120.645352). Presentation looks good but meal is so so (rate 3.5/5)


Some of the Northern attractions mentioned in this blog post are in the screenshot below, do a Google and you will find many more Taichung  attractions.

We will blog about 逢甲夜市 Fengjia night market in another post. We love street food, thus we always order less for our main meals and complement with extra portions night Market !

Other attractions which you can try in Taichung, GPS all in our Google sheet.  We will share some of them on our Day 2 Taichung post.

-薰衣草森林 Lavender Cottage
-谷關溫泉 Guguan Hot spring
-大坑 Dakeng (choose from 10 hiking trails )

*后豐鐵馬道 Houfeng Cycling (link)
-火炎山溫泉渡假村 (hot spring)
-新峰農場Xinfeng grapes

-高美 Gaomei Wetlands
-彩虹眷村 Rainbow Village
-動漫彩繪巷 Animation lane
-九二一地震教育園區 (Leftover of school post-Earthquake)
*逢甲夜市 Fengjia night market

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