FUN outdoor photoshoot by Danny Santos

Daddy had invited Danny to shoot our family, as we love his
fantastic Orchard-strangers portfolio.

Daddy had always wanted some wacky poses, whereas Mummy wanted something traditional ( like those so-old-fashion graduation family photo ). We all got our wishes fulfilled πŸ™‚

Anyway, we were kissing (the adults not the kids !) before Danny turn up.

.. before we can start, the kids were allow full access at Sengkang Riverside park.
They run, roll and jump, while Danny squat, prone, and snap them from all angles.

We always believe kids are at their best, when there are no inhibitions.
It is That easy to make a child smile !

Check out which other Daddy is featured on Danny’s blog

Thanks again, Danny !
Danny is commonly know as the Orchard Road photographer.

When Daddy and Mummy kiss

When Daddy and Mummy smooches, kids always crowd around to see-show. Somehow, they think it is fun, but we always remind the older boys not to kiss any girls who pop up !

The smaller two will feel jealous that we are not kissing them instead haha.
Have you kiss infront of your kids before, Daddy guarantee you there will be a lot of giggling and funny moments.

Another pose which we like is the I-am-Angry look. Kids will always try to grin and look angry, but the comic effect is so hilarious. Just look at No3 bad boy Boon Yi.

You will not see many families lug their own props outdoor. SengkangBabies brought our own chairs to Sengkang Riverside Park last weekend.

After our own photos, Danny ( joined us for round two. We introduced him in an earlier post, and we cannot wait to share his photos with our friends πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, Danny is looking for more local families in his portfolio, you can book an appointment with him at

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