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Just Tap and Go with your bank card with NETS FlashPay. Top up is easy too.
After converting to a weekend car, public transport has become my best transit friend.

NETS FlashPay offers the convenience of an MRT card, and more. I only need one card for many transactions, slimmer wallet ๐Ÿ™‚

No more fumbling for so many cards when one card can do it all. We can use the same bank card for cashless payment at most F&B outlets and public transport, so convenient. In fact, NETS FlashPay is accepted wherever NETS payment is.

You might not have noticed it, but you probably already do own a bank card with NETS FlashPay. If you take out any of your local bank cards (example DBS/POSB, OCBC, and UOB) and flip it to the back you might spot a NETS FlashPay logo at one of the corners.

If your card has that logo on your bank card, you are ready to go. Read on to find out all the perks that they have to offer. (On top of the ones I already mentioned!)

There are over 87,000 NETS FlashPay acceptance points island wide!
So, where exactly can we tap our bank card with NETS FlashPay?
โ€“ MRT/LRT, Buses and Taxis
โ€“ Supermarkets (e.g. FairPrice, Sheng Siong)
โ€“ Food Courts and Hawker Centres (e.g. Food Junction)
โ€“ Carpark exit (CEPAS only) and ERP

More usage options can be found on NETS FlashPay website.

Top- up is easy too, just head over to any local bank ATM (DBS/POSB, OCBC & UOB), NETS self-service top-up machine or Add Value Machine Plus (AVM+) for quick and easy top ups.

From 01 Nov 2015, NETS FlashPay has launched a campaign to increase awareness:
โ€“ 10% rebate on your NETS FlashPay card when you use it to travel on train, bus and taxi.
โ€“ For every $10 top-up (up to $30 a month) on your bank card with NETS FlashPay, you will enjoy 10% rebate.
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Bank card with NETS FlashPay is not only convenient, it saves me time too. Parents are always lamenting that we do not have enough time, perhaps the usage of NETS FlashPay to draw money, paying for things, taking public transport might sound like an interesting proposition.

You will never need to worried of your child forgetting his or her MRT card, as one is always on hand.
Travelling will definitely be less hassle for families.

Top up your bank card with NETS FlashPay now and redeem those free rides.
Meanwhile, I am looking forward to more savings with NETS FlashPay

More NETS FlashPay promotions can be found on the following website:
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