Give us your babies..

[ 老夫老妻 speaks, the babies below are temporary sponsored from friends :p ]

The subject title might not go down well with the Police, or even parents.
But please do not blame us if we have too much love to share.

Before you raise the alarm, we confessed we just cannot resist carrying another baby. Mummy is kids crazy (dual meaning, as kids can drive us nuts too).

Daddy prefers babies though, as they smell so much nicer :p
He say babies are so much more obedient, and will not argue back.

We miss burping and cradling the babies. SengkangBabies have all grown up and refused to be pat pat anymore !

Oh, do not try to tempt us to make one more baby, it is always more Fun to handle someone’s baby 🙂

If you are curious about our own babies, do pop by “About SengkangBabies“.

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YES to Date Nights

Date Nights had long been overdue in our home 🙁
The kids have always fight for Mummy’s attention, and we got four !

Finally, the time is ripe.

Phase 1
[Daddy] : Ah Boy Ah Girl come, Daddy and Mummy need our own time ok, ON?

We persuade, bribe, compliment, and negotiate with the kids. They are bewildered for two seconds, then they go back to their games and TV programmes.

Phase 2
After the kids approve our rendezvous, we engage 奶奶 (Nai Nai) to help us look after the kids for a few hours. Thank you Nai Nai 🙂

Phase 3
The angus beef is succulent, the baby squids crunchy, the kangkong not too spicy.
We were at New Ubin Seafood (at Sin Min).
Ubin is a seafood joint, but the popular dish is actually the US Angus beef ribeye steak.

[Close your eyes, smell the fried rice, filter out the voices in your mind]

Now, can you imagine the freedom without the kids around :p
No fighting, no shouting, no pestering and no messy house, carefree for two hours.
We can focus our attention on each other, besides the damn good succulent steak.

So this is Date Night 🙂
Just like our courtship days, we savour each other’s company.


The kids did not forget to call us every 10 mins.
Kid : “Mummy, are you coming back already?”
To avoid annoying us, they take turns to call.

[Mummy] : Ok Ok, we are coming back soon, don’t call again.
(repeat the above cycle every 10 mins)

At that moment, Daddy and Mummy do not need candlelights to improve the romantic ambiance, 老夫老妻了, we understand each other. After a sweet two hours, the couple walk hand-in-hand back to the MRT station, moonlight shining our path, just like the old romantic days, 真浪漫 ♥

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

After we have kids, our priorities have changed, “Parent” has substituted “Couple” in our vocabulary. We even address each other as “Mummy and Daddy”, what happens to “Honey, Darling, Sweetheart, 老公, 老婆“?

Daddy had hinted so many times to the children that parents need “Time off” to chit chat. We adults need to indulge in each other company’s in order to build a stronger family core. Only when a marriage foundation is firm, then our family can be stronger.

Kids will try their best to understand the logic for 2 minutes, before someone shouts “MUMMY, WHERE ARE YOU?” again.

[Daddy] : Whenever the kids ask me about my wishlist, I will tell them “more Date Nights“.

Happy Father’s Day 🙂