Models spotted at Fox Fashion

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Last Sat, a bunch of junior models gathered at Fox Fashion.
Handsome ones, cute ones, beautiful ones, sweet and chic.

SengkangBabies are amatuers when it comes to modelling, but they were all eager to display their fashion sense, and who say only girls like to dressup? Read on to see how Fox Fashion makeover our kids into rave hip-hop sensation.

Evon was our fashion stylist last week, and she patiently match the apparel to accommodate the kiddos’ personality.

Getting ready for their photoshoot. Everyone was relax because there are so much activities and food to keep them entertained. Kids were making friends among themselves 🙂

He is my Bro!

Boon Wee is our Sunshine boy (阳光). Dark, athletic and confident, his smile is going to mesmerise some girls out there keke.

Cheeky Boon Kang looking chic in his semi-formal attire. He got a clipon bow tie too ! Nice to see our active boy dressed up so demure ( 斯文 like a Teacher!)

Boon Yee always look so adorable (可爱) when he flashes his toothless grin :p
Acting cool with hands tucked in pocket, he has the boy-next-door charisma (超酷 Cool!).

Meow Kitty hairband, but Boon Xin refuse to stay still for photo shoot. As the youngest, she just need to act cute and sweet :p

What most people does not know is Boon Xin is always active and hungry (she weighs as much as Boon Yee!). She looks more lady-like and dainty (温柔) in her “beautiful” attire 🙂

Mummy loves the bold and colourful combination from Evon.
We would never thought of matching the kids in such bright and contrasting colours before (eg Top Green bottom Blue), but the results extracted so much Zest and Youthfulness from the kids!

Daddy loved the caps, different headwear brings out different mood, be it sporty, funky, or cool. The kids look like they are ready to do some hip-hop or belt some K-Pop raps 🙂

(image credit Fox Fashion)

We always love Fox Fashion’s vibrant and colourful apparel. Checkout our fashionable Fox Fashion apparel during our CNY visit !

After our photoshoot, we hang around a while more to enjoy the pastries and handicraft.

Awesome morning for the Fashionista wannabe, it is quite cool to model Yes?

We would like to thanks Fox Fashion for the invitation and sponsorship. We were delighted to see our kids’ images transformed with a refreshing makeover 🙂
Fox Fashion models

Do you like what you have seen? Fox Fashion got more fashion tips for you to pick. Pop by their Fall/Winter makeover album and choose your favourite outfit.

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(above portrait photos taken by Orange Studio’s Ryan)

Matching apparel for family

[ Modeling ]

This is our first model shoot. Technically the models and photographer are ourselves :p

For her : Ribbon-Tie Dress in Purple Floral Vines
For him : Shirt in Green Bean Stalk
Venue : Sengkang Riverside Park

We have always wanted to wear similar apparel for parents and kids, creating a common identity. We thought it would be cool, the kids like the idea 🙂

Thank to our friends at, we got two sets of apparels to model.

You can tell from our poses that we are not trained models, but we got tons of enthusiasm!

Everyone was spontaneous and it turns out to be a Fun family outing for us too.

Cute siblings, they are our little models today.

To quote from Mamashoppe :
The clothes we don are from Emmaus Women’s Centre (a women’s shelter in Cambodia, run by the Methodist Missions Society). Most of the ladies working there do not have the opportunity to receive formal education and would otherwise not have any livelihood skill. The shelter provides food and lodging for the ladies and trains them in dressmaking, thus providing them with a skill to find meaningful employment.

Back home, we try the second set of apparel.

For her : Ladies’ Freya Top in Blue Tossed Flowers, and Girl’s Braided Summer Dress in Blue Tossed Flowers
For him : Shirt in Blue Candy Stripes

We turn on the aircon for some creature comfort and brought out our Uno. It must be the cooler atmosphere, everyone seems more relax, and smiles were abundant.

Mummy and Boon Xin

Daddy and Boon Yee

Besides looking good, we can contribute back to society 🙂

Do pop by SengkangBabies Fanpage for more FUN modeling photos.
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Clothing pricing starts from $25 for kids, and $35 for adults.

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