5 reasons to visit Madame Tussauds Singapore

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Without MM Lee and our first generation pioneers, Singapore might be very different today, there might not be kids’ lifestyles to cherish, nor work-life balance to campaign 🙂

Thank you MM Lee, or 老Lee (affectionately).

Behind the astute politician, MM Lee and Mrs Lee’s enduring love story is also stuff of legend.

At PAP’s tea party, our kids were banging table and asking PM Lee “Why no Muffins”! Daddy was mildly embarrassed and tried to hide under the table.

Daddy gently reminded kids to be polite if they should have a chance to visit the Istana.

Boon Wee so chummy with Mr Goh Chok Tong?

We were invited to Madame Tussauds Singapore.

1) Where else can you rub shoulders with three Prime Ministers of Singapore? (without getting death-stares from bodyguards).

Visitors can also get up close with Head of states. It was humbling when Her Majesty and Obama confided that they read SengkangBabies blog too 🙂

We extended an invitation for Queen Elizabeth II to visit Sengkang during SG50.

Kids did not know how to pose with ex-Communist boss Mao Zedong, so Daddy thought “synchronised clapping” Pyongyang-style would be appropriate.

Indonesia’s founding father Soekarno, freedom champions Nelson Mandela and Gandhi.

Singapore’s first President, the late Mr Yusof Ishak, must be amused that everyone is posing with $10, $50 and $100 notes 🙂

One minute, Daddy say Beyonce is CHIO (sexy) and the next minute, Katy Perry Steady (pretty). Kids thought Daddy had gone bonkers.

Please do not think dirty, Daddy is not ogling at Marilyn’s cleavage!
Daddy claims he is impressed with the intricate attention to details.

2) At Madame Tussauds, we can admire lifelike wax models of VIPs, down to the armpit hair, dentures and aura.

Just look at handsome Tom Cruise’s square jaws and DiCaprio’s mustache.

Visitors get to go behind the scene and learn how a wax model is crafted. In the olden days, real “heads” were used for modeling (ghastly!)

At Singapore’s Madame Tussauds, you can mold your hand and perhaps leave your mark at Hollywood’s Walk of Fame (fee applies).

3) Family Fun! Any activity which bonds the family together, go for It!
Parents might need to lead by example and encourage kids to be wacky.

孫燕姿 (Yan Zi) loves our flamingo.
周董 (Jay Chou) invited us to gig for his Singapore opening performance.
Madame Tussauds ticket pricing

While Boon Kang posed with Michael Jackson, Daddy photo-bomb with a moon walk.
Hello “Like a Virgin” Madonna !

Boon Xin posing away, she was very shy when we visited Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds in 2012.

Hello Director Jack, do you need child models for your next Ah-Boys movies?

Boy chit chatting with handsome chap.
Boon Kang : Uncle David, IPPT very easy to pass. Only need pushup, situp and run.
Beckham : What! So simple? I sure get Gold.

Meanwhile, Boon Yee plays Butterfly (float) with Ali’s Bee (sting).

Boon Xin 1.10m, Yao Min 2.29m, and Daddy 1.81m.
Dunking is chicken feet for Yao Min.

Is she playing Golf or Hockey? Clearly Boon Xin has not seen Tiger on the greens.

Congratulated Serena on her WTA win, and ask Vettel 2015 got chance or not?(Singlish)

Our kids successfully tackled Fandi and Ronaldo. SengkangBabies can really dribble!

4) Laughter is the best relaxation. As long as you are having FUN, no need to be shy about acting the fool.

Bruce Lee, Teresa and Elvis will agree with us 🙂

Kids remarked why so many stars die at such a young age, but are forever remembered?

Terminator’s “I will be back” translated as “我会回来的”. Hilarious!
Kids kept going back to hijack Arnie’s motorbike.

5) Selfie with your idol! How often do you get to selfie with Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Bollywood’s Khan.

Hello Nicole Kidman.

Boon Yee and Boon Kang could not agree Andy Lau or Andy Lee more handsome. Daddy say both are dashing.

Caldecott’s 阿哥 阿姐 (Wen Yong and Zoe Tay).

Phua Chu Kang is not the only famous one with moles. Sengkangbabies got raisins for moles too! Love the Boots!

After pedaling an extra-terrestrial Star back to the Moon, kids ask Daddy who is E.T!
They thought E.T is leftover prop from Halloween!

Kids had the most fun at Madame Tussauds, though not all parents would agree swimming (MBS Infinity style) is recommended.

We interviewed Tracy and Oprah, there are various props and wigs for visitors to act funky and zany. All for good clean fun and our family generated so much laughter.

Grab your props and gear. “Take 1, Camera Action!”

At the Exit, Daddy tried to grab Grandpa Moses (R.E.D) magnum. Bruce Willis still has the “Yippie-ki-yay” (cool dude) look from his Die-Hard days.

We have just listed 5 reasons for you to visit Madame Tussauds Singapore. Pop by on a weekday, so you can spend more time getting cozy with your favourite Stars.

Video : Madame Tussauds Singapore funny antics

Madame Tussauds Singapore details :

– Tickets – $26, $16, $23 (Adult, child, senior respectively)
– Click for MT Website and Fanpage
– Nearest carpark is Beach station, then take Bus 1 or 2 (shorter loop)

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Hong Kong Day 4 noon – The Peak and Madame Tussauds

“Hello, please deliver nine nuggets to the White house”.
That is Boon Xin calling McDonald. Yes, Obama already expressed his confidence to retain Presidency for four more years, when we visited in Sep.

That is how we started our tour of Madame Tussaud‘s mansion (香港杜莎夫人蜡像馆).

We had pop over to say Good Morning to Buddha earlier, and after lunch we head to another peak, The Peak (太平山). Kids are tired already.

Upon entry, Jackie Chan will greet you first. Take note you can only pose and buy the photo from Madame’s designated photographer. Daddy sneaked in a quick one 🙂

The beaming Mrs and the Jealous husband. Louis Koo (古天乐) is suave beyond words.

Kids enjoy having breakfast with their McDull piggy friends. No bacon please, we pigs are too cute oINk!

Daddy found his Bro. Andy Lau (刘德华) and Andy Lee.

and kids found their favourite cartoon characters, like Astro Boy.

We discover our kids got talent. Wayang talent, not Musical talent haha 🙂

Daddy share with us why Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler are dictators.

Spiderman was ambushed by us, we saw a double “0”.

Pop stars past and present, MJ moon walk please.

Teresa, Anita, Leslie. The Greats. They still hold a strong appeal among the ladies.

Xin took so many photos from Mummy’s arm. She refused to come down and shake hands.

Everyone got their own idols, this Jay Chou (周杰伦) looks malnourished.

Daddy got too excited with Marilyn Monroe. Hello Smith family.

We found some Royalties and politicians, who granted us audience. Your Majesty and Highness 🙂

Quite embarrassing to disturb MM Lee during his Meet-People session at Tanjong Pajar, so we took the opportunity to chat with him about PSLE :p

Chinese PRC visitors will be staring at you when you act funny with their leaders. 同志你好 ! Kids ask why so many Chinese Presidents and Leaders on display?

Mr Gandhi free India from the British, we are still reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Literature classes.

Seems like Mummy got a lot of handsome idols. Leon Lai (黎明) is one cool lad.

Now, our little gal knows her stuffs too. Boon Xin reads Superstars name like ABC.
Beckham, Alonson, Nadal, Ronaldo, shs choose the handsome ones! (joking)

We end our tour with Mr Fist of Dragon, Bruce Lee. Even Boon Xin is impress enough to show her thumb haha.

The sky is cool and windy in the evening. Fortunately, the mist were not blocking our views, splendid Harbour view greeted us.

Views from the Peak

The sharp descend from the Peak. Bye bye Madame Tussauds.

When at Madame Tussauds, learn about historic figures, and legends. Be curious, be daring when posing. Enjoy your portraits and antics. Infact, Daddy lost his tripod for 20mins during the andrenalin !

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Peak Train

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