Family Fun at Adventure Cove

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Before the end of school holidays, we visited Adventure Cove Waterpark. It was a good opportunity for us to refresh our snorkeling skills too, post Tioman.

Adventure Cove always hold us a special spot in our hearts. There are so many corners to explore, so many slides to test our adventurous spirit.

Lazy river offers some interesting views along the way too, dolphins, stingrays, do pop by our previous review (link).

We have captured most of the Fun in our video (below).

The only thing which has changed is kids are no longer clamouring to go the the Big Bucket Treehouse. Too childish, they said πŸ™‚

We were fortunate that there were fewer visitors around Adventure Cove. Perhaps the overcast sky was a dampener for some?


It means we got more time to enjoy the slides, and shorter queues. YES!

Riptide Rocket was my best ride, up down and twists. As I am 1.81m, a few of the upswings always make me duck lower in order not to hit the roof (I am paranoid haha).

Bluwater Bay is always a favourite with families. We spotted a 4-legged VIP too, and pool was closed till the monitor lizard was caught.

Pretty Sentosa has wildlife around every corner πŸ™‚


Catch the waves in our video. Younger kids should wear their life jackets as they will be bounced left-right and up-down!

The highlight for our family is always Rainbow Reef. Kids are now comfortable with snorkel kits in the large lagoon.

Adventure Cove
Adventure Cove Waterpark Rainbow Reef

There are some 20,000 fishes swimming around and some of them are huge! All are friendly to humans πŸ™‚

Swimmers cannot remove your life jackets to dive down, but feel free to bring your underwater cameras and video along.

This might be the kids’ first snorkeling adventure, minimum height of 107cm applies. If possible, please ensure kids have experience with snorkeling beforehand (mask and breathing through mouth). Otherwise they will struggle with the mask and might not enjoy the experience. The queue can be 30 to 60minutes, followed by 10 to 15 minutes orientation.

For those with deeper pockets, you may with to try to pad the dolphins and perhaps get up close to some friendly rays or sharks.

Adventure Cove’s Rainbow Reef always provide a magical and surreal experience for us (even though it is man-made).

Do checkout our Fun Water Adventures on Youtube (link). So much fishes swimming around, and you will spot some stingrays up close at the tunnel too.

Lastly, the most relaxing float around Adventure Cove, Adventure River.

Grab a tube or simply swim along the channel and let the current sweep you along. Who can resist Water Fun πŸ™‚

Do pop by the corner at “Splashworks” too. Besides jumping from the edge, kids can play rounds of obstacles too (just like Ninja Warrior).

Additional Tips :

-Most of the rides require kids to be above 107 or 122cm, do confirm at RWSΒ  website

Map of Adventure Cove
-Ticket prices are adult $32 and child $24

-Do book online for more Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) bundle promotions and avoid the queue

-Parking in RWS can be expensive, $20 for 4 hours. Or you may consider parking in Sentosa itself. Option B, drop the family at RWS, then drive into Sentosa to park. 4 hour might cost you less than $12 ($6 entry and hourly $1.20). Take the Monorail back to Waterfront Station. (Alternatively park at Vivocity and take the monorail across, or walk 2km)

– Adventure Cove opens from 10am to 6pm, do maximise your Fun (take note in the event of lighting and pool closure, no tickets refund)

-Locker fees start from $10 (Small) to $20 (large)


We would like to thanks Sentosa Development Corporation and Resorts World Sentosa for the fun invite. We had so much fun reconnecting with Adventure Cove again. Do visit our previous Adventure Cove Waterpark experience.

Do follow RWSentosa on their Website and Facebook.


I loved this family photo as it captures our FUN snorkeling experience very well. Thumbs up!

Our Adventure Cove Waterpark experience

Before the school holidays end, we decided to swim with some fishes. We had some close encounters before at Krabi’s Hong island, and Daddy thought Rainbow Reef would be interesting.

Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)’s newly open Marine Life Park has two attractions, SEA Aquarium (World’s largest aquarium) and Adventure Cove Waterpark (water themepark).
adventure cove map
*Adventure Cove Waterpark Map credit

We arrive at 1000 to beat the crowd, but some 300 families had the same idea! After “setting up tent” at BluWater Bay, the kids help themselves to the water tubes.
adventure cove waves

The waves can be very strong, kids (swimmers or not) must wear life jackets. If kids are tired with waves hopping, relax at Seahorse. (Wading pool)

(There is a cheaper waves-generator at Jurong East).
adventure cove wading pool

While Mummy brings the smaller ones to Seahorse, Daddy brought Wei and Kang to snorkel with 20,000 fishes ! Rainbow Reefs is a must-go when you visit Adventure Cove.

It will definitely be more fun if the kids know how to snorkel.
adventure cove rainbow reef

No worries, the sharks are not here, but over at SEA Aquarium. Both of them want to dive again πŸ™‚
rainbow reef snorkeling

Video (Link) : Rainbow Reef is too cool !

Not to worry, if our kid cannot swim yet. The view from the glass panel is interesting too πŸ™‚
adventure cove blogger review

Stingrays will impress the kids with their gracefulness. $20 fee applies for closeup interaction, fortunately our kids are contented with viewing from a distance.

Yi is happy with his stingray portrait, and Wei ask whether his $4.50 BBQ stingray rice is from same family :p
adventure cove rays

Dolphins might come on-board later.

Lunch, recharge. Kids are hungry but refuse to leave their water play! That speaks volumes of the FUN at Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Price wise, expect $10 to $16 per meal. We brought in some buns, staff are not so strict on food-import, as we witness families with hugh pot of curry :p
adventure cove F&B

The smaller kids will love Big Bucket Tree house! Abundant slides, ropes, and splashes kept them coming back for more.
adventure cove big bucket splash

The older kids will play hide and seek among the ropes and nets. Xin went down the slide so many times the lifeguard recogonise her.

The selling point for Adventure Cove Waterpark are the different S.L.I.D.Es. As we went during school holiday, queues from 30 to 60 minutes are not uncommon.
adventure cove photos

Daddy try only two slides, and he told us he loves the green-landscaping. Daddy is not a thrill-seeker haha. All the Rides are listed here.

We need to keep our spectacles and slippers in these cylinders. Unfortunately, some revelers will become blind like bats, thus discounting the fun factor. Do take note underwater cameras are not allowed on the slides.

We paddle down the Lazy Adventure River twice. Easy to navigate, just sit on the tube and let the current push us along.

You must watch our River video below, one loop will easily last 20 mins!
adventure cove lazy river

Windows and openings will allow you to get upclose to stingray and catfish habitats! We even venture into a dark tunnel. Go on a weekday, so that you can spend more time (less congestion) to appreciate the “exhibits”.

Hot dogs, ice cream is available at mobile F&B outlets.

Video (Link) : We did mention we love Adventure River, catch us cruising the river of FUN !

Feedback and recommendations :

1) Tickets for adults and kids are $29 and $20 respectively. It is almost $100 for a family of four, not including F&B. We always feel Singapore attractions can accommodate more family-friendly pricing (maybe run a $50 whole-family-package once a year)

2) As with most water themeparks (and even swimming pools), usage is subject to lightning warnings. Maybe Adventure Cove Waterpark can do partial refund for affected users, as a goodwill gesture.

3) Car park fees for a whole day will amount to $20.
We suggest that you might want to park at Beach-carpark for a maximum of $8. (updated 2015Jan – Sentosa entrance per car is now $7 weekends, we ended up paying $18 for carpark fees. Beach Carpark might not be feasible anymore)

4) You can actually walk 15 min from Vivocity over to Sentosa via Boardwalk.
how to go to adventure cove
** For point 3 and 4 (including carpark rates), click Sentosa link.

5) Lockers will be $10 or $20 for the whole day, unlimited open/close. We might recommend that you leave your non-valuables luggage at Bluwater Bay’s deck-chairs.

6) Leave weekends and holiday periods to tourists, unless you love to queue. It is no fun to shiver for 45min waiting for the next 2min slide !!

7) Above photos are taken underwater (Dicapac) and our Nikon D5000 (not waterproof)

SengkangBabies came, conquer and enjoyed ourselves. We only wish we had visited on a weekday πŸ™‚ .We LOVE Adventure Cove Waterpark !

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