Universal Studios Singapore for family

[ Media Invite ]

Far Far Away in Shrek’s kingdom, we found Universal Studios Singapore (USS). It was here that we embark on a Easter Egg Hunt earlier. The next best thing after the Fun egg hunt, we get to experience USS’ rides earlier.

There are seven worlds in Universal Studios, but there is only one ride which you cannot miss (Pop by USS interactive map here)
Uss Map, USS 7 worlds

Before the crowd stream in at 10am, we dashed with Cheekiemonkies towards the Transformers 3D ride. (Normal waiting time can be 45mins + of winding queues)

Transformer The Ride rocks ! We spin, drift and smash through buildings ! We must protect Allspark at all cost. After a while, we are absorbed into the 3D Transformer world, and completely lose our orientation.
Transformer 3D ride Singapore, Uss Transformer

Transformer The Ride is the coolest 3D ride that we have ever experienced, that’s us in the blue Autobot (Evac) trying to run away from Decepticon! (Experience 4.5/5)

(image credit USS)

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee gladly welcome photo-ops with humans. They look cool.
Group photo with Transformers
Bumble Bee at Universal Studios

In the background, the blue and red Galactica, not so cool anymore, since it will be dismantled soon. (experience 5*/5, catch hair raising video clip here)
Galactica closure, Galactica last ride

Daddy role play as Treasure Hunter with the smaller kids. Creepy crawlies, cobras and crocodiles waiting to ambush passengers.

Everyone is thrilled to throttle their own car.

(Experience for kids 3.5/5)

Tall, muscular and sexy Egyptians at Ancient Egypt.

Those who have seen Mummies will be able to identify the Egyptian demi-gods.

In terms of interaction, you cannot get a wetter experience than Waterworld !
For best exposure experience, grab a seat in the Blue Zone.

The spectators will get a chance to spray water at the actors too.

.. but the actors got pails! Pity those who are seated in the front rows as they become fair games and torrents of water were splash in their direction!

Our kids remarked that they will love to sit front row again. Crazy but wacky fun, even Daddy’s DSLR was not spared from the water attack.

Watch our video below on how Boon Yee and Boon Xin got drenched.
How to get wet at USS Waterworld

Acrobatics and all sorts of boats engage each other, there are plenty of pyrotechnics.

(Experience 4.5/5, for water fun and cool interaction)

Even Jurasic Park’s Rapids Adventure is less “wet” than Waterworld. We had expected a lot more splash and thrills.

If only the fall is steeper and longer…
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(Experience 4/5)

Poor T-Rex terrorised by kids, they can always entertain themselves.

Jurassic park or Lost world, a pity the queue for Canopy Flyer is so long!
(Experience 4.25/5, but we refuse to queue 1 hour for a 1 min ride)

Shrek 4D, follow Shrek as he raced with Donkey to save Princess Fiona.
(Experience 3.75/5)

(image credit USS)

Madagascar carousel, we got to Move-It Move-It with the nasty Auntie, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, penguins and King Julian.

(Experience 3.25/5)

We float around in a crate, and discover the Madagascar stars hiding in the shipwreck.

(Experience 3/5)

Minions everywhere, even Boon Yee is in Yellow! There is a dedicated Minion outlet in “Hollywood” now.
Minions Souvenirs Universal Studios

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, it would be fun if we can help Big Bird shoot down the enemies.

(Experience 3/5)

We have been playing at USS since 9am, kids are tired but we are determined to catch
Hollywood Dream Parade at 5pm.
Dream Parade USS, Dream Parade timing

King Julian and casts

Everyone from Shrek production also appear, dragon included.

Jurasic Park, and casts.

Bye bye Monroe, we meant Hollywood Dream Parade. Do take note Hollywood Dream Parade is only available during weekends (schedules on USS website)

(Experience 4.5/5, the parade performers drum up the atmosphere)

Video : Universal Studios rock!

Thank you for the invite, USS !
Universal Studios Singapore

Additional Tips :
– make Transformer 3D your first ride!
– take note of ride’s height limits here, ushers are very strict
– we ran out of time to complete Lights, Camera, Action!(New York), Revenge of the Mummy(Egypt) and Enchanted Airways(Far Far away)
– follow Universal Studios for latest updates on Website, Fanpage and Instagram

– Carpark is expensive, one whole day at RWS can cost $28, we blog about alternative carpark and Adventure Cove here
– our Sea Aquarium experience
– USS’ 1st Easter Egg Hunt adventure
– More USS photos available on our Fanpage album

Volvo invited us for some Cross-country Adventures

[Media Invite]

We did not ask Yi to pose Victory, but he automatically flash a V for Volvo!

Last week, Volvo has sent a First-class ticket for SengkangBabies to indulge in Scandinavian adventure, on their cross-country V40.

Adventures start early for our kiddos, kids were eager to dismantle the bikes for some cycling fun πŸ™‚

V40 is a handsome hatchback, the side and rear profile offers an eye-catching rugged exterior. No, we do not need the scenic Scandinavian landscapes to imagine the Fun Factor.

*image credit

Video : ..but in case you need to experience the Scandinavian lifestyle on a V40…

Volvo’s product specialist Robin, highlighted some of the features of our V40. Daddy is most impressed with the safety features (look under this page 4 & 5 about “Safety”). The Swedish designers are so passionate about safety they even engineered a pedestrian-airbag, so that nobody will smash into your windscreen!

Volvo’s IntelliSafe (Radar and camera system) will detect impending collision with cyclists and e-brake automatically. Read more about Volvo’s IntelliSafe Technology.

After learning more about the V40, off we go to attempt a 0-100km in 8.5s seek our Adventure. Kids are chirpy and they love their panoramic roof πŸ™‚

All too soon, we reach our destination S.E.A Aquarium (RWS’ Marine Life Park), shall we take a photo before we embark on our fishy Adventure πŸ™‚

Pirates and Starfish ambushed us.

Kids are beaming non-stop, every fish tank got some surprises πŸ™‚

Did you see the friendly Dolphins? We wonder whether the dolphins are checking us out, or the other way round? Love the bobbing Jellyfish, cute and mesmerizing !

With so many variety of fishes, no wonder Boon Yee is learning how to scuba.

We have heard so much about Open Ocean. But when we stand infront of the paranomic Glass Wall and peep into the deep blue…. [speechless]

Video : Majestic Manta Rays gliding around. So Graceful !!

Shark Seas, get up close to the top predator. Kids ask whether our diver friend is safe?

Need we ask Boon Yee and Boon Xin whether they enjoy themselves?

More photos (total 192!) are available on our Fanpage. Do pop by Twitter #VolvoAdventure to find out who else were having fun with their Volvo πŸ™‚

Thank you Volvo for the adventures, we had a fun family morning. In case you need additional manpower to review your XC90, keep SengkangBabies in mind :p

More information :
– Volvo website and Fanpage
– Marine Life Park Sea Aquarium

*disclaimer – some of the Volvo features listed above might not be available on a V40, please check with your friendly Volvo sales.

** Do you wish to compare Adventure Cove Waterpark, Sea Aquarium and River Safari?